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Coach "Tee" Birdsong, the owner of Dream Financial Services. Is a 28 year old, success driven entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is a six figure business owner who loves to give back to the community by teaching financial literacy, hosting financial events, and going into schools throughout the community to educate the importance of finance. Tee believes by giving back to her community that she is being the CHANGE she wants to see.


    Coach is a Consumer Advocate as well as a Mindset and Money Coach where she is affectionately called Coach Tee. Her motto is, "Shift Your Mindset, Shift Your Money!" She spreads knowledge of how to be financially FREE through coaching various topics such as Personal & Business Credit, Budgeting, Business Funding and so much more. She believes this is her priority. Her passion is for our youth to be financially secure as they become young adults.  She has a big heart for her hometown community, Nashville Tennessee where she constantly talks and coaches her family, students, and peers. 

Tee Birdsong

Tee Birdsong

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